Wednesday, 11 August 2010

1 Month

It has been 1 month today since I wrote my first "Coming Soon" post. I have been very busy on my new blog at the moment and there is still so much to do. I have learned a lot in the process.

Having thought long and hard about how this blog will differ from Jenny Wren's I had what I felt was a very clear and specific idea of how I wanted this blog to be layed out, but as I began to design it and things began to take shape, it took on a life of its own; as most things do.

This is a project that will be very different from Jenny Wren's, but will still be me. In the process of creating my header I have expanded my Photoshop knowledge with the help of Mr. Michie. I now, know how to use the slice tool to embed a URL, save it, load my pictures onto the web and then rebuild the code to create links within a header.

Not a big deal for some people I am sure, but for me it was a very big deal and I am happy with the outcome.

I am not done designing, creating and thinking, there are still tweaks and layout choices to be made and put into action, but for now, I am content with how everything is beginning to take shape and I look forward to beginning this new adventure...