I am an Art Historian, Artist & Writer living in London. I keep another blog, Jenny Wren's and it is there that I write about my day to day life, passions and artistic creations.  Not having the opportunity to work within my field for awhile, I have been lucky enough to start a new job within a school Art Department, where I will get to put my degree and knowledge to good use.  My office is literally located "In the Art Cupboard' and thus a befitting title for my new blog.

My adorable husband gave me a Nikon camera for my Birthday and it is, armed with this, that I will begin this photographic journey into a 365 day project. Which will consist of daily photographs of the treasures tucked away in my cupboard.

It is filled with the most delicious items vintage and new, that are used to set up still lifes in the classroom or for the use of the students in their personal artwork. There are boxes of old car parts, lanterns, ancient suitcases, doll limbs, vintage bottles, old-fashioned typewriters, just to name a few things that are contained within those walls.

I hope you will take this journey with me as I begin my new job and my new adventure, discovering what exactly is "In the Art Cupboard". Knock, on the cupboard door and come in, it is always open...

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